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  • WARNUNG! Dies ist eine vorrübergehende Auflistung der Addons für Miranda IM.
    Diese Addons sind möglicherweise inkompatibel mit neusten Versionen von Miranda NG, also verwenden Sie diese mit Vorsicht!

    Klicken Sie hier für einige neue Addons für Miranda NG.

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    Änderungsprotokoll: Apotheosis

    Version .061a

    Apotheosis Skins .061a

    *NoAvatar.pngs moved to a separate folder which saves you gals/guys 13MB of space
    *Hide Group button now displays the correct state
    *Border Versions are Included (Last Version I screwed them up)
    *9x Hover buttons don't disappear anymore
    *All pngs are compressed losslessly saving more space (Total Size 25 MBs for the XP Version and 7.71 MBs for the 9x Version)

    Total downloads: 3949

    Version .06a

    Apotheosis Skins .06a

    *Darkened Cyan, Lime, Nobel, and Orange
    *Redesigned Menu adding new sharper images
    *Added Hide Group Button
    *Redesigned noAvatar.png for all skins
    *Created Refreshed, Refresehd Border, Refreshed Clear, and Refreshed Clear Full skin variants (as well as 9x variant)
    *Transparency is now done completely by the Engine and does not use seperate pictures (which saves you guys/gals space)
    *Packaged all skins in one exe

    Apotheosis Skins .05a

    *Renamed Pink to Light Purple
    *Added 15 colors: Cyan, Ideal, Lime, Magenta, Nobel, Orange, Orcha, Orda, Pink (New), Purple, Rayter, Saline, Salmon, Vivid Purple, Zoola
    *Fixed preview pictures for all skins (No More Blue Corners)
    *9x preview pictures are now accurate
    *Added preview picture to Vista Versions
    *Fixed readme.jpg to reflect a 9x system
    *noAvatar.png now works for all versions (unless skin is not placed in the proper directory)

    Apotheosis Skins .04a

    *Changed selection text color to gray
    *Added 5 Colors: Absolute, Aqua, Aura, Monekar, and Reverence
    *Created Border versions for Regular, Essential, and Fundamental
    *Created Clear versions for Regular, Essential, and Fundamental
    *Created Clear Full versions for Regular, Essential, and Fundamental
    *Added 1 Color to Clear themes called Vista.
    *Fixed previews for 9x Variants

    Codename: Alpha Themes .03a

    *Renamed "Ugly" skin to "Purple Haze"
    *Changed default bottom margin to 15 pixels
    *Added default font: Tahoma
    *Added default selection and hover color
    *Added preview pictures for all skins (Regular, Essential, and Fundamental (as well as 9x Variants)
    *Added 4 Colors: Grunda, Purpure, Teal, and Ukana
    *Created Essential and Fundamental (Minimal) skin variants as well as 9x variants

    Codename: Alpha Themes .02a

    *Fixed Scroll bar background color overlapping window background at the top
    *Text no longer is in RTL mode which fixes a graphical error with seperating groups by offline and online contacts
    *Text set to not align to the right to avoid the same graphical error above
    *Added 12 colors: Black, Blue Chest, Clay, EVA, Green Chest, IVA, Pink, Red Chest, Royal, Rude, Ugly, and UVA
    *Created 9x variant for Regular

    Codename: Alpha Themes .01a

    *Intial Release
    *Comes with 4 colors: Blue, Green, OVA, and Red

    Total downloads: 215