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  • WARNUNG! Dies ist eine vorrübergehende Auflistung der Addons für Miranda IM.
    Diese Addons sind möglicherweise inkompatibel mit neusten Versionen von Miranda NG, also verwenden Sie diese mit Vorsicht!

    Klicken Sie hier für einige neue Addons für Miranda NG.

    Status (Seite 3/3)

    Es sind 54 Addons in dieser Kategorie.

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    SAOPPpack (GOLD)mainStatus (GANTmix)

    Heruntergeladen 738× von SAOPP

    Main icon from GATNpack, some icons mixed with some parts of this package: http://www.miranda-im.org/download/details.php?action=viewfile&id=1939 by Volter15. All other icons mingled with some parts…

    xpk icq status icons 0.1

    Heruntergeladen 812× von pk69com

    xp styled icq status icons based on lite ICQ status icons connection icon is also included looks best with xpk tabsrmm icons =))

    SAOPP & Faith status icons

    Heruntergeladen 799× von SAOPP

    For main or ICQ status. Thnx to Faith Healer!!! ;)

    G.A.N.T. Status Icons 1.1

    Heruntergeladen 814× von maxijazz

    Here are some Status icons made out of G.A.N.T. icon set (original by 'mattahan'). The pack contains icons for AIM, ICQ, JABBER, MSN, YAHOO, Metacontacts and Global Status. The pack is…

    IRC Chat smileys status icons

    Heruntergeladen 776× von faith

    I took smileybutton icon from chat.dll module for IRC by Matrix and painted it to different colors. Selected the most beautiful and you see it on screenshot :) Enjoy :) ======================= […

    Miranda-girl Global Status Icon set 1.01

    Heruntergeladen 704× von Lokke

    Miranda-girl Global Status Icons by Lokke

    AngiBlue StatusIcons 0.02

    Heruntergeladen 717× von Angeli-Ka

    Global Status Icons, 3-D look, forXP. (Matching iconset for TabSRMM will come soon)

    AngiGrey StatusIcons 0.02

    Heruntergeladen 797× von Angeli-Ka

    Global Status Icons, 3-D look, forXP. (Matching iconset for TabSRMM will come soon)

    AngiOliv StatusIcons 0.02

    Heruntergeladen 729× von Angeli-Ka

    Global Status Icons, 3-D look, forXP. (Matching iconset for TabSRMM will come soon)

    AngiB_W StatusIcons 0.02

    Heruntergeladen 733× von Angeli-Ka

    Global Status Icons, 3-D look, forXP.

    Original OG - Full Status Set 2.65

    Heruntergeladen 805× von Targaff

    MatriX's great OG icons have gone through several iterations, getting more and more comprehensive and, in the last version, undergoing an almost complete overhaul. MatriX provided full status…

    Miranda Global Status Icons 1

    Heruntergeladen 760× von Caradhras

    This .dll contains icons for Global Status. They are based on BigEye Smile Icons that can be found here.

    AIM Global Status Icons 1

    Heruntergeladen 754× von Caradhras

    A set of icons for Miranda's Global Status, based on AIM's well-known ones.

    Eyes status icons 1.0

    Heruntergeladen 715× von greya

    These orginally were for personal use, so to say, but they make me nervous, not quite sure why :) maybe you'll enjoy them better

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