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  • WARNUNG! Dies ist eine vorrübergehende Auflistung der Addons für Miranda IM.
    Diese Addons sind möglicherweise inkompatibel mit neusten Versionen von Miranda NG, also verwenden Sie diese mit Vorsicht!

    Klicken Sie hier für einige neue Addons für Miranda NG.

    Status und Ereignisse (Seite 6/7)

    Es sind 138 Addons in dieser Kategorie.

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    NewEventNotify (mod.) 0.0.4

    Heruntergeladen 224× von romamik

    Slightly modified NewEventNotify. Modified to display no popup when message already marked read is being added. This may be useful for StopSpam plugin users. It would be very nice, if the…

    Skype Status Change

    Heruntergeladen 239× von leecher

    If you use Skype and Miranda on your PC, you might consider it annoying, that you always have to change Miranda's and Skype's staus. This plugin works with the newly available Skype-API in order to…


    Heruntergeladen 230× von Jer

    This plugin let you chose to show a popup or play a sound when a contact changes his/her avatar. It can automaticaly download avatars and keep history of all avatars. This is usefull to keep…

    GMail notifier (gnot)

    Heruntergeladen 254× von sandeepc

    Checks a GMail account for new unread emails and pops up a notification.

    Fullscreen Window Detector 1.0.4

    Heruntergeladen 233× von stezka2

    Installation: The FullScreenDetectorMirandaPlugin.dll file must be placed in the Plugins folder in the Miranda folder. Notes: Plugin periodically checks if there is a fullscreen window open…

    More Hotkeys

    Heruntergeladen 240× von Nik3

    This plugin enables you to define hotkeys for going offline, going online and opening the options. That's all!


    Heruntergeladen 229× von Jenyay

    Go to offline before disconnect. Is work with modem only.


    Heruntergeladen 227× von Jenyay

    Editor's note: This release has been superseded by Disconnector You are recommended to use this new release instead.Go to offline before disconnect. Is work with modems only.

    Typing Notify

    Heruntergeladen 211× von Bi0

    Features - - - - - - - - * show popups when contact is typing * show notifications in contact list when contact is typing * provide typing api on miranda builds that dont have it Notes - -…

    WUMF: Who uses my files?

    Heruntergeladen 220× von Nike

    Editor's note: This release has been superseded by WUMF1: Who uses my files? You are recommended to use this new release instead.This plugins scans for network users of your shared files…


    Heruntergeladen 236× von .pedda

    This plugin makes use of the seldomly utilized Scroll Lock LED and uses it to signalize incoming messages, URLs and files. Gamers or people using applications which make it impossible for them to see…

    Birthday reminder

    Heruntergeladen 225× von AAbramets

    This plugin shows popup when someone from your contact list has a birthday


    Heruntergeladen 243× von nalova

    Displays incoming messages on an LCD like the Crystalfontz 634 series. Go to http://nalova.dyndns.org/software/LCD/ for details.


    Heruntergeladen 224× von blabla

    This is an implementation of the famous BSD game with the same name. It shows a popup with a random slected string from a list of files.


    Heruntergeladen 236× von blabla

    shows a notification popup with information extracted from a website at specified interval of time. Can be used for monitoring of changes in a website or for displaying the leatest news, etc.. for…


    Heruntergeladen 228× von greg

    Adds caller-id support to Miranda IM. When a call is received, either be notified via MessageBox or a PopUp using the required plugin. I no longer have the caller-id service on my phone, so…

    Message wake up 1.0.0

    Heruntergeladen 224× von BG-Monster

    Makes the PC speaker beep if you have an unanswered message and you haven

    Startup Sound

    Heruntergeladen 242× von psyc

    Adds a sound event that is triggered on Miranda IM startup, as requested.

    Send to mIRC

    Heruntergeladen 219× von tzu

    This small plugin will send a defined string to mIRC when you change your status. Useful to trigger away systems or just set an /away synchronously with Miranda. Now supports DDE sends and works with…


    Heruntergeladen 248× von wesslen

    This plugin uses the PopUp plugin to display messages from external applications. Use it to monitor logs and batch files. You should probably also get Sendlog and LogWatcher: http://miranda-im…

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