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  • WARNUNG! Dies ist eine vorrübergehende Auflistung der Addons für Miranda IM.
    Diese Addons sind möglicherweise inkompatibel mit neusten Versionen von Miranda NG, also verwenden Sie diese mit Vorsicht!

    Klicken Sie hier für einige neue Addons für Miranda NG.

    IM-Protokolle (Seite 2/2)

    Es sind 36 Addons in dieser Kategorie.

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    SIP RTC Protocol

    Heruntergeladen 466× von paul_sh

    SIP RTC protocol for Miranda IM. You can use it with SIP servers/services, Live Communication Server 2005. It's based on Microsoft RTC API (Windows Messenger and Office Communicator use…

    IcqOscarJ (Plus Mod) Protocol #99 (upd)

    Heruntergeladen 259× von persei

    Enhanced modification of IcqOscarJ Protocol - Active Status Detection & Passive Status Detection (100% invisible`s detection) - ClientID faking - Detection of fake clientid - Better ClientID…

    Skype Protocol

    Heruntergeladen 257× von tweety

    Skype plugin interface with the actual skype program. Continuation of the plugin from Leecher. forum: http://forums.miranda-im.org/showthread.php?p=65666

    SIP Protocol

    Heruntergeladen 455× von Toxic

    Implementation of SIP protocol for Miranda IM. Supports multi-user chat (conference) and voice calls. Uses MSRTC library. You may download it here: http://www.potapochkin.ru/files/RtcApiSetup.msi …


    Heruntergeladen 226× von Bi0

    Modified ICQ Protocol v8. maintenance release. Atm, invisible detection doesnt work (but it is possible!) so don't turn ASD on. still no groups, avatars, x-statuses in this release.

    JGmail -JabberG mod (deprecated)

    Heruntergeladen 249× von yb

    Editor's note: This release has been superseded by JGmail (Unicode) You are recommended to use this new release instead.This is an extension of standard JabberG Protocol It gives…

    RVP Protocol

    Heruntergeladen 259× von the_leech

    This plugin supports MS Exchange 2000 IM protocol (RVP) and is intended to be a replacement for Window Messenger. I know there still may be a lot of bugs. What is currently supported: * NTLM,…

    MirandaQQ (libeva Version)

    Heruntergeladen 260× von starkwong

    MirandaQQ is an implementation of the QQ protocol by Tencent, using the libeva library developed by Yunfan (http://evaq.sourceforge.net). The libeva version of MirandaQQ plugin uses QQ2005(beta2)…

    BNET Messenger

    Heruntergeladen 255× von IsomtrcGod

    If you wish to add your buddies from battle.net to your Miranda IM this is what you're going to need. All you need is a valid account on battle.net and bnet messenger will import your friends list…

    ICQ Corp2

    Heruntergeladen 254× von Necrolatry

    another branch of icq corp protocol, with some small fixes.

    ICQ Corporate Protocol

    Heruntergeladen 243× von Zlyden

    This protocol used to communicate with the ICQ Groupware and IServerd servers from Miranda IM, for more detailed information by a server go to http://www.icq.com/groupware/ or http://iserverd.khstu…

    Spinchat Protocol 0.1.4b

    Heruntergeladen 256× von Tharo

    Allows registered Users from spinchat.com (or .de) to have private messages with other chatters in the spinchat comunity. Read the readme file !!!

    Skype Protocol

    Heruntergeladen 263× von leecher

    Editor's note: This release has been superseded by Skype Protocol You are recommended to use this new release instead.As so many people requested it, here is now a implementation of the…

    iChat Protocol

    Heruntergeladen 270× von xurble

    Rendezvous enabled chat on a Lan. Will talk to iChat on Macs http://xurble.org/projects/iChatMiranda


    Heruntergeladen 249× von Yonatanz

    Connect Miranda to the chat system of the Israeli Walla portal! This package contains two plugins, which were modified to work with the Israeli WallaChat system. The first, WallaChat, is a…

    Tlen Protocol

    Heruntergeladen 261× von keh

    Communicate with users on Tlen.pl network. Tlen.pl is an instant messaging system used in Poland. More information at http://jabber.au.edu/miranda/.

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