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  • WARNUNG! Dies ist eine vorrübergehende Auflistung der Addons für Miranda IM.
    Diese Addons sind möglicherweise inkompatibel mit neusten Versionen von Miranda NG, also verwenden Sie diese mit Vorsicht!

    Klicken Sie hier für einige neue Addons für Miranda NG.

    SmileyAdd (Seite 8/10)

    Es sind 184 Addons in dieser Kategorie.

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    computersmileys 1.01

    Heruntergeladen 488× von dreher

    emoticons for smileyadd looking like computers

    jasons skull smileys 1.01

    Heruntergeladen 628× von dreher

    emoticons for smileyadd looking like skulls

    Orangecool Smileys 1.02

    Heruntergeladen 570× von dreher

    well known message-board-smileys in orange color for smileyadd

    penguin emoticons 1.01

    Heruntergeladen 522× von dreher

    penguin-emoticons for smileyadd

    miaki smileyset 1.01

    Heruntergeladen 507× von dreher

    new designed smileys for smileyadd

    letterface smileys 1.01

    Heruntergeladen 476× von dreher

    smileys with the keyboard-letters that are used to write smileys in text-format as faces

    frog-eyes smileyset 1.01

    Heruntergeladen 508× von dreher

    ugly frogfaces for smileyadd

    frankensteins smileyset 1.0

    Heruntergeladen 506× von dreher

    frankenstein-smileys for smileyadd

    frog-eyes smileyset for ieview 1.01

    Heruntergeladen 496× von dreher

    ugly frog faces with some animations for ieview

    frankensteins smileyset (ieview) 1.0

    Heruntergeladen 497× von dreher

    frankenstein-smileys with some animations for ieview

    froggy smileys 1.0

    Heruntergeladen 501× von dreher

    frog-smileys for smiley-add

    Crystal Smileys XP 0.1

    Heruntergeladen 534× von Error

    Crystal Smileys XP (22x22) for SmileyAdd. Thanks Volter15 for Button Smiley :-)

    Orange Smileys XP 0.1

    Heruntergeladen 507× von Error

    Orange Smileys XP (32x32) for SmileyAdd. Thanks Volter15 for Button Smiley :-)

    Minimalistic Smileys 1.0

    Heruntergeladen 518× von Nysosym

    Smilyes for IEVIEW! really simple ICQ 5 compatible smileys, created by me.

    yahoo6 emoticons (ONLY .asl file!) 0.1

    Heruntergeladen 532× von k-tav

    This file can be used with the original yahoo emoticons.(you need to copy the file in the "Program Files\Yahoo!\Messenger\Media\Smileys\" folder and then point to it from IEView)

    BuzzSmileyAdd 0.002

    Heruntergeladen 521× von Angeli-Ka

    5 diferent sizes and shapes icons. Choose one of them to replace notification from Yahoo contacts or send it. Use with Yahoo http://www.miranda-im.org/download/details.php?action=viewfile&id=1639

    BuzzIEView 0.002

    Heruntergeladen 532× von Angeli-Ka

    5 animated images different shape and sizes. Choose one of them to replace notification from Yahoo contacts or send it. Use with Yahoo http://www.miranda-im.org/download/details.php?action…

    Sweetemoticons++ for IEView 1.1

    Heruntergeladen 696× von Floele

    This is a revised version of "Sweet Emotions SmileyAdd 1.0" for the IEView plugin. Some unnecessary smilies have been removed, some new have been added, and a few have been updated so that all…

    MinoSmileys (SmileyAdd Emoticons) v1.40

    Heruntergeladen 514× von Mino

    The smiley-package consists of 19 smileys, which have the size of 24*24. It can convert almost all commands of the MSN-messenger and other popular commands. The screenshot shows the 19 smilies of…

    essence alpha 1

    Heruntergeladen 724× von essence

    Advanced Smileys for IEVIEW

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