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  • WARNUNG! Dies ist eine vorrübergehende Auflistung der Addons für Miranda IM.
    Diese Addons sind möglicherweise inkompatibel mit neusten Versionen von Miranda NG, also verwenden Sie diese mit Vorsicht!

    Klicken Sie hier für einige neue Addons für Miranda NG.

    Modern contact list (Seite 6/14)

    Es sind 280 Addons in dieser Kategorie.

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    Red & Blue Clist Skin 1.0

    Heruntergeladen 650× von mlcampbe

    Modern Clist skin that uses red bars for open groups and blue bars for closed groups. Contact list entries use a gradient transparent background which looks especially good when configured to pin to…

    BlackAeroCL 1.0

    Heruntergeladen 678× von KlaunCz

    This skin for Clist_modern is modification of szandor_vista skin with top buttons from xpk top tool bar 0.1 0.2 icon pack.

    Ceri Modern Clist skin 0.1

    Heruntergeladen 677× von Loky

    Skin doesn't support scroll bar and even area.

    Vista skin Remix 1.0

    Heruntergeladen 704× von AloneFire

    My first skin Remix based on Vista skin 1.0(http://addons.miranda-im.org/details.php?action=viewfile&id=2802)

    SlanXP 1.0

    Heruntergeladen 769× von cTn

    Dark Miranda skin designed to match SlanXP 2.0 theme by lassekongo83 http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/51492944/

    Media Player Skin 1.2

    Heruntergeladen 686× von DeathAxe

    This skin imitates the latest Media Player 11 style. It supports the latest Modern Contact List. Event area is skinned as well as the ViewMode frame. It also changes the style for tipper.

    FlatOne 0.1

    Heruntergeladen 820× von k2rt

    Simple & colored skin for clist_modern please comment to improve it

    area 4.2 skin black 1.0

    Heruntergeladen 765× von cTn

    Designed to mach heylove's visual style http://heylove.deviantart.com/ Skin contains all variations of color button,skin is not using any groups... anyway you can find how it looks like ;) bb…

    WIP Zune MCL 1.1

    Heruntergeladen 781× von Str4wberry

    WIP Zune theme is theme inspirated by original theme for Windows XP. This them is a part of aplication WIP Miranda IM http://wipmiranda.xf.cz/.

    Black Ice

    Heruntergeladen 795× von Protogenes

    Black Ice skin is for the modern contact list. I created it for myself. Maybe you want to use it with Neon icons from here: http://addons.miranda-im.org/details.php?action=viewfile&id=1780 Look also…

    BlackMin Modern skin 0.2 - 070319

    Heruntergeladen 735× von dreadnaut

    A stylish minimal dark skin based on Styrizo's BlackMin for yzDock ( http://styrizo.deviantart.com/ ). Goes well with dark or light backgrounds :-) This is a full-program skin, that will skin…

    Luna 0.3

    Heruntergeladen 752× von kwabou

    This is a Luna skin for clist modern so that Miranda can finally fit in with Windows XP. Blue - Done, Olive - Done, Royale - Done, Silver - Done, Other - Any requests? I used screenshots of…


    Heruntergeladen 783× von Irkam

    This my first theme in black color

    Tranquility Skin for Modern Contact List

    Heruntergeladen 833× von DarkFenX

    Simple and clean skin for Modern contact list, 2 substyles - with full and thin border. Also, there's optional toggle popup button (by default it's set up to work only with PopUp+; if you…

    reVista 0.01

    Heruntergeladen 738× von Angeli-Ka

    Remake of my Vista Aero Glass skins for clist_modern and PopUp+

    PoliteaTrilliana 1.0

    Heruntergeladen 669× von SuperSonic

    Trillian like skin by Peter Paulis... If you wnat to change your userpic, simply edit the Back.png file located in the skin directory...

    Doc 2 0.1

    Heruntergeladen 640× von D_Preacher

    his skin been made as an addition to my Litestep theme "Dreaming of... 2" for a long time ago, but I didn't have any chance to share it with net... Well - now I have this chance =) -======- …

    tVista (skin) 0.1 alfa

    Heruntergeladen 702× von Tigran

    Nice Vista style skin for Modern Contact list

    Arkasha18 Gray Skin 1.1

    Heruntergeladen 693× von Arkasha18

    A Gray skin for Modern Contact List Version 1

    Tango Human Skin 2.0

    Heruntergeladen 801× von dockside

    This is my first skin for Miranda and i choose Tango because are the best icons ever! Report me Bugs or other... Read the README files inside first. Special Thanks to Skoruppa and Bogo for…

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