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    Tranquility Preset for Tipper

    Autor: DarkFenX
    Licence Freeware
    Požadavky: Tipper, Variables

    Přidáno: 16.3.2007
    Aktualizováno: 14.4.2007
    Staženo: 1659×



    Preset for tipper, for use with dialog protocols only (still no support for irc, weather).

    Uses some tipper/variables' features, which allows it:
    Show relative date (yesterday/today/tomorrow);
    Count days left till birthday;
    Show metacontact info (all protocols/logins/statuses), mark default contact with "»";
    Show 'last seen' info (based on seenTS value, so you may need to update seenplugin.dll or use it's modern analogues like buddy expectator) for offline contacts, 'online since' and 'idle since' - for online ones;

    Preset doesn't show status message and xstatus (1st - because each tooltip will request that message for some protocols, so it's not completely 'stealth' and may spawn popups on remote client; 2nd - because it's only icq-specific feature; may be changed in future).

    Add support for weather, MUC protocols;
    Add age field;
    Add status message field with 'stealth' request (requests only if remote contacts sees you).

    How to use:
    Import ini file using dbe++ plugin and restart miranda
    place it into miranda's root folder. Focus any miranda window - it should ask you if you want to import it or not (if miranda doesn't show anything, your mirandaboot.ini was modified and you should know how to revert it yourself :) ). Restart miranda.
    Don't forget to backup if you want to save your previous settings.

    Search for variables plugin here:
    Install development unicode version (using unicode core, of course), since tipper exists in 'unicode-only' version. If you're getting any garbage in tooltip, it means that you need to update variables plugin (even if it has the same version number - it may not reflect some small but visible changes made in the dll).

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