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    mToolTip Template 1.02

    Autor: mko_san
    Licence Open Source - GPL
    Požadavky: mToolTip [http://www.miranda.kom.pl/dev/bankrut]

    Přidáno: 7.11.2006
    Aktualizováno: 7.11.2006
    Staženo: 2344×

    Stáhnout | Stáhnout zdrojový kód


    mToolTip is very nifty freeware plugin done by bankrupt that lets you see lots of
    information just by hovering your mouse over a contact on your contact list.
    It is very highly customizable, but perhaps due to that fact it might be quite
    difficult for some people to set up decently, as default settings leave a lot
    to wish for.

    Here' s my template for this plug-in [feel invited to take a look at the
    screenshot]. It won't fit everybody, nor does it support all the available
    protocols - after all it's something I did for myself to suit my needs.

    The protocols it was test with are as follow: MSN, AIM, GG, MetaContacts,
    WorldTime, Weather. It will work with most IM protocols that the plugin captures
    variables from by default.

    So what exactly does it show?

    Info on <nick>

    <status msg>

    -Basic Stuff---------------
    - Nickname
    - Email
    - Cell
    - Home #

    -Meta Contacts-------------
    - Nickname_1 [idname_1]
    Status_1 [on what protocol_1]
    - Nickname_5 [idname_5]
    Status_5 [on what proto_5]

    -More Info-----------------
    - Gender
    - Age [bday/bmonth/byear; days till next bday: ]
    - From: City, Country
    - IM : client version
    - Idle time
    - Online time
    - Last seen [from userex or lastseen plugin]
    - IP

    - User time [for WorldTime proto]

    -Last Message [time]-------

    -Weather [for weather proto]-
    - Last update

    -Current Weather-----------
    - Condition, temperature [min, max]
    - Feel like temp
    - Visibility
    - Wind
    - Pressure
    - Humidity
    - Dewpoint
    - Sunrise, Sunset

    - Day 1
    - Day 7

    Almost all the fields are optional, so if no data is present for them they are
    simply skipped. I wish mToolTip had more logic possibilities, especially the
    OR operator, then it would be possible to integrate it more with plugins such
    as UserInfoEx, since now it leads to doubling of data [ie a user have specified
    age in their online profile and we have done the same in UIE, and two ages are
    displayed as a result].