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  • VAROVÁNÍ! Toto je dočasný výpis rozšíření Mirandy IM.
    Tyto rozšíření nemusí být kompatibilní s nejnovějšími verzemi Mirandy NG, proto je používejte opatrně.

    Klikněte zde pro některá nová rozšíření pro Mirandu NG.

    Ostatní (stránka 26/27)

    V této kategorii je 535 rozšíření.

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    1 y 2 1.2

    Staženo 592× od Alz

    These are only modifications. So all credits go to the original icon creators. So have a look and decide if you prefer variation over the green men (not hulk though), or over the spherical thinguie …

    cartoon 1.1

    Staženo 642× od JReZIN

    This icons aren't simitrical, they are created to be cartoon-like style, as they are! =] This zip includes diferents sets of icons for WindowsXP and Windows 9X/ME/2k for use with Miranda 0.1.2…

    mugzLESS 0.3

    Staženo 646× od m.u.g.z.

    Symmetric ICQ style icons based on lorgicons by 'Lorg' (stefan litbo). Icons required Miranda version or later. Package contains two dll for Miranda runing on Windows 9x/ME/2K …

    mugzIQ 0.1

    Staženo 685× od m.u.g.z.

    Symmetric style icons based on original ICQ icons. Icons required Miranda version or later. Send me mail, money and something for offers, bug-reports ;o), request & etc.

    green 1.01

    Staženo 618× od radial

    Green looking icons, look like the original ones from mirabiles but nicer.Not yet for MSN available.

    seed 1.0

    Staženo 615× od JReZIN

    Some abstract, non-simetrical and universal icons. 32bit color (WinXP) and 256 colors (Win98,ME,2k, etc...) sets for your pleasure!

    XP Icons 1.09

    Staženo 696× od zortness

    Windows XP Icons. Taken from the final release of the Whistler GUI. Now includes dll files for alternate configurations, as well as unsupported icons that will hopefully be supported later.

    WowSkulls 1.0

    Staženo 634× od wowtip

    Wheee! Butt ugly skulls!

    OSX Icons 1.00

    Staženo 648× od zortness

    These icons are taken from the Mac OSX operating system.

    WowLoCo 1.0

    Staženo 623× od wowtip

    Remake of wowicons in low colour mode (4bpp), since 24bpp look kindda silly in the tray. A little bit bigger, som new ideas.

    Hello Kitty 2.0

    Staženo 689× od karnul

    At last! some girly icons for miranda-icq

    Membus Poing Pro Icon 1.0

    Staženo 612× od leies

    A new series .

    icons.zip 1.0

    Staženo 610× od mudmax

    A smart set of glassy icons.

    Membus INSTANT Icon 1.0

    Staženo 628× od leies

    This is my third icon pack, see the screenshot first, a new style from me !

    Membus Blue 1.0

    Staženo 641× od leies

    The user who love the color of blue , I hope you will love it !

    Membus BlueSpeed Icon 1.0

    Staženo 621× od leies

    It's my second icon set for you all ! hope you like it !

    raro-hexicubes 1.1

    Staženo 610× od raro

    Pixel painted isometric cubes, the a little purdier then hexicons, and just as much fun as the raytraced variety.

    raro-hexicons 1.1

    Staženo 660× od raro

    Where are those hexagons when you need them?

    raromachine squares 1.0

    Staženo 649× od raro

    The result of tetris flashbacks ... Let this be a lessson to all!

    raroicons 1.20

    Staženo 602× od raro

    Some kinda spherical colourful icons, no specific them here, but they seem to work well together.

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