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  • VAROVÁNÍ! Toto je dočasný výpis rozšíření Mirandy IM.
    Tyto rozšíření nemusí být kompatibilní s nejnovějšími verzemi Mirandy NG, proto je používejte opatrně.

    Klikněte zde pro některá nová rozšíření pro Mirandu NG.

    Ostatní (stránka 25/27)

    V této kategorii je 535 rozšíření.

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    20colors 1.0

    Staženo 572× od BigBwana

    Plain beveled blocks. in lots of colors. use them in any way you like. :)

    SpiffyYAHOObyfloink 0.2

    Staženo 716× od floink

    A set of Yahoo based icons. both XP and Win2k icons in same file. By request from Rako... I haven't had the possibility to try them out under WinXp myself but they should work with shadows.…

    MariAnna 2.1

    Staženo 657× od diavol

    Small (16 x 16px.) icon set composed of marijuana leafs, seeds and occasional joint. Original icon set is based on Cannabis Indica leafs. Added new icon set, based on Cannabis Sativa leafs. Highly…

    Toxic ICQ 1.1

    Staženo 611× od HTT

    Some Nice Toxic ICQ Icons.

    PersonaMen Icons TrueColor 1.1

    Staženo 613× od yatsena

    Icon set for men with background image.

    PersonaWomen Icons TrueColor 1.1

    Staženo 652× od yatsena

    Icon set for women with background image.

    AT&T 1.04

    Staženo 631× od erkstam

    This set consists of simple, small, pixled dudes. The inspiration and style for the status icons came from AT&T's instant messenger, hence the name. It's also quite simplistic; perfect for…

    Aqua Plus XP 1.00

    Staženo 610× od ssl

    This version of Aqua Plus is optimised for winXP . These Icons are part of a more complete Package . The backgrounds and font can be found in the Grid-o background pack in the skins section .

    Aqua Plus 9x 1.00

    Staženo 610× od ssl

    An upgrade to Glassy Plus now based on the Faux Aqua icons . These Icons are part of a more complete Package . The backgrounds and font can be found in the Grid-o background pack in the skins section…

    SpiffyMSN by floink 1.0

    Staženo 634× od floink

    A complete set of MSN based icons. XP and Win2k icons in same file. Contains icons for both ICQ and MSN contacts. For win2k users to get 256colour trayicon, go here http://www.dr-hoiby.com…

    Puyo puyo Icons 1.00

    Staženo 677× od Dest-X

    If you like shiny blobs, you're goning to love this set. There are icons for online, offline, away, NA, DND, occupied, Free for chat,invisible and a cute little Kaa-kun replacement for the…

    wowicons 2.02

    Staženo 670× od wowtip

    Round plastic icon thingies. Now with squareish MSN icons! Now also including XP version thanks to MrPlow. *Read wowicons.txt for installation instructions!*

    Ballz Icons 1.00

    Staženo 632× od NETknightX

    Coloured spheres in four different colours for Windows XP. Includes ICQ and MSN icons and you can also mix and match if you like.

    SpeechBubbles 1.00

    Staženo 892× od NETknightX

    Some icons in the shape of speech bubbles. Includes 8-bit and 32-bit colour sets, as well as ICQ and MSN sets.

    CoffeeMugs 1.00

    Staženo 624× od NETknightX

    Some icons in shape of coffee mugs.

    Represent 1.1

    Staženo 605× od jalenn


    Snowperson 1.00

    Staženo 621× od NETknightX

    Some icons that I whipped up after I saw that it was snowing outside one day. There are two sets: 32-bit colour/WinXP set and regular 8-bit colour set.

    Alien Icons 1.10

    Staženo 649× od NETknightX

    These are icons for Miranda in the shape of alien heads or something. It includes icons for ICQ and the MSN plugin. The 32-bit icons are meant for Windows XP only. The 8-bit (256) icons are for…

    Christmas Icons! 3.141592

    Staženo 610× od wowtip

    Some icons with a Christmas inspired theme. Make sure that /Miranda options/Contact list/List text/->"Row height" = 16 pt. Otherwise it will not look good. Merry Christmas!

    Glassy Plus 1.02

    Staženo 646× od ssl

    A new Glass theme loosely based on the original . . ( Colors available: Green , Lime , Purple , Mixed ) . . small changes in the new version .

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