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    Націсніце тут для некаторых новых дадаткаў для Miranda NG

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    History Linklist Plus Unicode

    Аўтар: gureedo
    License: Open Source - GPL
    Requirements: Miranda 0.8 Unicode

    Added: 21.12.2010
    Updated: 22.12.2010
    Спампавана: 644×

    Спампаваць | Download source


    This plugin searches the history of a contact for URLs and e-mailaddresses and shows them in a new window.

    Plugin based on Thomas Wendel code.
    Just rewritten in Unicode and x64.

    - It's possible to filter the messages after direction (incoming or outgoing)
    and message type (mailaddress or URL)
    - The list can be saved as RTF-File
    - It's possible to search the list
    - The message where the link was found can be displayed and searched
    - Colours can be changed in the options dialog
    - Appearance of the entries can be adjusted (e.g. you can choose whether timestamp, parting line, message direction, message type and date should be displayed or not...)

    NOTICE: No new links will be added if the search dialog is opened!

    All updates on https://github.com/gureedo/history-linklist-plus