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    Facebook Chat to Jabber History Import 0.1

    Аўтар: souFrag
    License: Open Source - GPL
    Requirements: mBot - Miranda Scripting Plugin

    Added: 11.2.2010
    Спампавана: 660×

    Спампаваць | Download source


    Don't lose your history when changing from Facebook Chat 0.7 to Jabber protocol.

    FYI: jarvis is gonna keep developing the Facebook Chat protocol, so it's not mandatory to use Jabber instead, but this is just if you prefer using Jabber instead.

    IMPORTANT: This should only be used by advanced users. I wrote this for myself and decided to publish it if anybody else wants to use it, but I won't offer any support.

    I've got my whole chat history stored from different protocols since 2002... and I've got a really bad memory, so having my chat history is pretty nice. That's why I wrote this script to import my chat history from the miranda Facebook Chat protocol (by jarvis) to the Facebook/Jabber protocol.

    Requirements: mBot / Miranda Scripting Plugin.


    Download this mBot/MSP script and configure the one line that needs configuration.

    Install the script.

    Run the script by going to Menu > mBot > Change ID to JID.
    IMPORTANT: Miranda will freeze for a few MINUTES, but don't worry :-)


    In this new profile create a new account for Facebook Chat using the Jabber protocol.

    Go online so that all your contacts are downloaded from the server.

    Then go to:


    Select your old profile.

    Select "Custom Import".

    Select Incoming and Outgoing messages (just those 2 boxes).

    That's it ;-)