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    MSP Chatserver 1.9

    Аўтар: sirion
    License: Open Source - LGPL
    Requirements: msp

    Added: 15.5.2008
    Updated: 13.11.2008
    Спампавана: 227×

    Спампаваць | Download source


    what it does is this:
    it hooks all incoming messages for selected protocols and relays them to a list of people providing a chatlike experience

    you need to send "!login" to the server to get on the list and you can get off the list by writing "!logout"

    -it works cross protocol
    (tested with ICQ,MSN,JGMAIL should work problemless with all the others as well like jabber/xmpp, yahoo messenger, aim, gadugadu, and all the others. irc is not implemented yet)

    idea was emulating a multi-user chat for all my ICQ contacts and my MSN contacts when we wanted to discuss where to go on our weekend and I had to write and repeat to everyone what everyone else said

    set up the server like explained in the readme then get people with the client of their choice to connect and have yourself a nice chat with them

    If u want to try it out first I probably have a version running at
    ICQ: 361434538
    (if password protection is enabled try asking me for it at icq: 71112265)
    this is my personal in the work testserver it is not said that it provides all features, which come with the script, or does work at all

    Feature requests questions bug reports go here please:

    (due to the nature of php files binary and source is equivalent)

    feature list: (1.9)
    log to file
    automatic message splitting for long messages
    password protection (not for webinterface)
    umlaut conversion (german and italian)
    webchat interface
    fun commands like base64 encryption
    admin features:
    kick, ban, unban, give admin, remove admin, force invite, rename user, get complete list of offline users