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  • WARNING! This is temporary listing of addons from Miranda IM.
    These addons might be incompatible with recent version of Miranda NG so use them with caution.

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    Tipper YM - Unicode

    Аўтар: yaho
    License: Open Source - GPL
    Requirements: Miranda 0.8.9+

    Added: 24.4.2008
    Updated: 7.11.2010
    Downloaded: 180×

    Спампаваць | Download source


    Shows contact information when the mouse is held over the contact list. Please read the included readme file.
    Alternative to mToolTip.

    Enhanced modification of Tipper by Scott Ellis.

    ANSI version: http://addons.miranda-im.org/details.php?action=viewfile&id=3716
    x64 version: http://addons.miranda-im.org/details.php?action=viewfile&id=4337

    New features:
    - skin support with glyph transformation and alpha channel transparency (win 2000+)
    - two-level extended tray tooltip replacing default one with many options
    - SmileyAdd support (graphic smileys in tooltips)
    - menu for copy item/s or avatar to the clipboard (CTRL+C when tooltip is showed)
    - new icons (Extra Status, Gender, Country Flags, Fingerprint)
    - some new system substitutions
    - raw protocol substitutions are also searched in UserInfo module
    - correct status message in status bar tooltip
    - ICQ XStatus and Jabber mood/activity details in status bar tooltip
    - smooth animation when tooltip is showing and hiding
    - option for keep original avatar size and make avatar transparent