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    Gmail Multiple Notifier (Unicode)

    Аўтар: EgoElf
    License: Freeware
    Requirements: Miranda IM 0.7.x Unicode

    Added: 16.4.2008
    Updated: 21.12.2008
    Спампавана: 286×



    New version of this plugin:
    Gmail Multiple Notifier for Miranda IM =================================
    Check your Gmail inboxes locally!


    Extreme small file size and system consumption
    Support Multiple Gmail accounts
    Support Gmail For Your Domain
    Auto Login by using any browser or custom program
    Notification on contact list, system tray, sound and PopUp plugin
    Brief preview of the new threads
    Intelligently notify users


    Go to Miranda "Options" panel. Find the "Gmail notifier" item then input your Gmail account name and password.

    If you use proxy to access internet, config your proxy settings in "Internet Options" in the control panel. If the proxy server need authorization, use following string pattern as your IE proxy setting username:password@999.999.999.999:8080 for auto login.

    If you get a message "active content blocked" when you login, try to go to internet options put a check in Allow Active content to run in My Computer.


    Push "Shift" key then double click the blinking icon, you can cancel the current notification.
    Directly rename the contact when you use a long account name and feel inconvenient.
    "...disable Auto Login" option has three states: "uncheck" does autologin with cookie enabled (you can use other google services without login), "gray check" does autologin without cookie and "check" does not autologin.

    Many thanks to:
    Angeli-Ka for some great icons!
    Borkra for help updating the program for Unicode and some Browser issues.

    Copyright (c) 2007 Sun Zhuo, EgotisticalElf

    Mixwind@gmail.com, bryan.a.aldrich@gmail.com