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  • Увага! Гэта часовы cпіс дадаткаў ад Miranda IM.
    Гэтыя дададкі могуць быць несумяшчальныя з апошняй версіяй Miranda NG, таму выкарыстоўвайце іх з асцярогай.

    Націсніце тут для некаторых новых дадаткаў для Miranda NG

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    Changelog: Miranda IM Password Decoder


    - fixed a bug that displayed the hex-codes of encrypted password instead of decrypted password

    Total downloads: 8576


    - added drag'n'drop support from Explorer
    - added better error handling

    Total downloads: 4370


    - fixed endless loop when DB is locked
    - always wait for a key when error occurs (do not auto-close window)
    - minor changes

    Total downloads: 154


    - optimized search in database
    - waits for key after finishing
    - source code reads much easier
    - put some comments to the source
    - changed license type to Open Source

    Total downloads: 5188


    - fixed bug when multiple protocols are used. all passwords in a database will be shown regardless to which protocol they belong.
    - added function to display hex-code of each password (useful if you use special characters and cannot remember if it was a space (#32) or some alternative space (#0160, #255, ...) or if password looks messed up cause it's multi-line).
    - replaced function for searching directories for valid databases. should be little faster now.

    Total downloads: 9342


    - initial release: works fine. source is a mess. still too slow on large DBs, but faster than bruteforce. ;)

    Total downloads: 384