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  • Увага! Гэта часовы cпіс дадаткаў ад Miranda IM.
    Гэтыя дададкі могуць быць несумяшчальныя з апошняй версіяй Miranda NG, таму выкарыстоўвайце іх з асцярогай.

    Націсніце тут для некаторых новых дадаткаў для Miranda NG

    Others (старонка 3/27)

    There are 535 addons in this category.

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    Predator Icons 1.0.1

    Спампавана 1021× ад lancaster

    proto_Predator.dll - Black proto_Predator(Red).dll More Screenshot: http://lancaster.themex.net/archives/1794

    Tut.by icons 1.0

    Спампавана 1088× ад KorneySan

    Since Tut.by use Google, you can use your Tut.by mail account as Google Talk account and setup it in Miranda as Jabber account. Here the status icons for it. Main icon is taken from Tut.by favicon. …

    GoogleTalk Icon Set

    Спампавана ад gec06

    Having discovered problems loading older GoogleTalk icon files when running recent releases of Miranda under Windows 7, I finally gave up and created this icon set.

    ALIEN Icon Pack for MSN

    Спампавана 1127× ад ALIEN

    ALIEN Status Icon Pack for MSN. I use most common color scheme: Green is for Online Black is for Offline White is for Invisible (many original clients) Orange is for Away (inspiration from…

    Protocol Icons (Modern) 1.1 1.1

    Спампавана 1008× ад SF_SpA

    Icons for Miranda protocols 'Modern'

    BuggerIM Icons by Blancmange 2.0

    Спампавана 1133× ад Blancmange

    This set includes the 24bpp+Alpha versions of my icons I originally created for BuggerIM, my own attempt at writing a Jabber IM. I abandoned that when I found MirandaIM. The icons are in 12x12,…

    Skull icons 1.0

    Спампавана 1097× ад baensch

    English: a few skull icons for icq i made this becouse i cant find icons like this have fun for support and other things only register at my forum : http://nilsbaensch.ni.funpic.de/Forum/index.php…

    Plugins Replacement Icons 1.0

    Спампавана 1146× ад lancaster

    Support: Alarms IgnoreState How to: Options - Icons - (Plugins Name) - Load icon set... - Import Plugins_XXX.dll. More ScreenShot: http://lancaster.themex.net/archives/1780

    Knopfdruck's Scriver Icons 1.0

    Спампавана 1105× ад Knopfdruck

    icon-dll with all Messaging icons for the Scriver plugin. Includes all Group Chats, Group Chats Log and Single Messaging icons. Just load as as an icon set for Messaging. the icons have the size…

    ICQ Protocol Icons 1.1

    Спампавана 991× ад Bestler

    Icons for Miranda protocols

    QIP Status Icons 1.0

    Спампавана 1067× ад shinizu

    QIP status icons for IcqOscarJ (Plus Mod) protocol. Based on mugzLESS 0.3 icon set.

    Knopfdruck's Country Flag Icons 1.0

    Спампавана 1339× ад Knopfdruck

    icon-dll with all flags used by the country flag plugin the icons have the size of 16x16 and 16 colors only. the icons are using the original flag colors, and as much detail as possible. the…

    StudiVZ Iconpack 1.1

    Спампавана 992× ад crispART

    This set contains protocol statusicons for StudiVZ, MeinVZ and SchuelerVZ "Plauderkasten" within Miranda. Hope you like it!

    Graph Quotes Icon Pack 4 in 1

    Спампавана 1195× ад SAOPP

    Four packages of status icons for Quotes protocol.

    Famous Icons 1.0.1

    Спампавана 1107× ад lancaster

    7Zip, Avira, Babylon, Becky, Bitcomet, CCleaner, Chrome, Chromium, COMODO, DreamMail, Eclipse, EditPlus, eMule, EssentialPIM, Evernote, Excel, FileZilla, Firefox, Firefox 1, Flashget, foobar2000,…

    3D Quotes

    Спампавана 1226× ад SAOPP

    New 3D Quotes protocol icons

    New Exchange Rates

    Спампавана 1029× ад SAOPP

    New icon set. The package used some elements of a0x set5 by a0x.

    3D Quotes Mini

    Спампавана 1016× ад SAOPP

    Mini 3D Quotes protocol icons

    Jabber Native Icons 1.0

    Спампавана 2203× ад KorneySan

    This icons set is for Jabber plugin. Main icon of this set is extracted and assembled from Jabber plugin (v. Overlay icons are taken from dEM(tm) Status Icons pack by by Ducho Chanev …

    Twitter Icons 1.0.1

    Спампавана 1044× ад lancaster

    Use A0x Set5 Overlay Icons. http://lancaster.themex.net/archives/1739

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