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  • Увага! Гэта часовы cпіс дадаткаў ад Miranda IM.
    Гэтыя дададкі могуць быць несумяшчальныя з апошняй версіяй Miranda NG, таму выкарыстоўвайце іх з асцярогай.

    Націсніце тут для некаторых новых дадаткаў для Miranda NG

    MSP scripts (старонка 6/6)

    There are 112 addons in this category.

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    Mbot Relay Agent

    Спампавана 168× ад hamsterguf

    This script is made for Mbot It allows you to relay messages to another person when you are not at home. You can initiate the relay from any pc using any protocol you wish. You can get a…

    MBot www-"client" 0.2

    Спампавана 169× ад vh1

    Allows you to perform basic* actions over the web *View who's online/offline, see if someone has sent you a message, get your last 10 history items or unread messages witht he contact, send a…

    Message to SMS 0.1

    Спампавана 180× ад doratsa

    Some simple script to redirect income message redirect to sms

    Resize Script 1.0

    Спампавана 156× ад D46MD

    A script, that sets your clist width to the current setting. It gets restored after each restart of miranda, and can be set via a menu entry. THIS PLUGIN IS MENT FOR PEOPLE USING INSTABLE PLUGINS,…

    MBot Set MSN Nickname by IP 0.1

    Спампавана 178× ад souFrag

    Lets you set different nicknames depending on your IP address. For example, you can set "Felipe@university" for some IP and "Felipe@home" for another IP. It stills doesn't support IP ranges,…

    MBot Ignore Contact 0.4

    Спампавана 165× ад souFrag

    This script should ignore messages from specific contacts. It's very configurable. Two menu entries will be added to each contact menu: Ignore/Unignore. You can configure this to be TRUE or FALSE…

    MBot Custom Autoreply 0.5

    Спампавана 167× ад souFrag

    Set a custom autoreply message for each contact or one for all. To autoreply someone, type and send: autoreply Your own custom message. To stop the autoreply, type and send: stop autoreply …

    Highlight 0.5

    Спампавана 174× ад D46MD

    A script, showing a popup when someone types your nickname. Like the IRC highlight function, but for all protocolls. ////CONFIGURATION\\\\ Read first lines of the PHP

    whoisreadingmyawaymsg 0.1

    Спампавана 163× ад pe6o

    This small simple script logs every access to your away message in the format *date* - *nickname* and displays a popup.

    Mbot MySQL Logger

    Спампавана 166× ад hamsterguf

    This script allows you to log the following to a MySQL database: 1. All Chat - both in and out from miranda 2. Startup and shutdown of miranda 3. Your own statuschanges 4. Your contacts…

    MBot Status Manipulation 0.1

    Спампавана 167× ад vh1

    Allows you to use mbot commands to manipulate your status' for any protocol usages: m>status - lists all your protocols with their status m>status [protocol] - displays the status for selected …

    sendlog in perl

    Спампавана 166× ад doratsa

    The aim is same as sendlog, but written in perl

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