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  • Увага! Гэта часовы cпіс дадаткаў ад Miranda IM.
    Гэтыя дададкі могуць быць несумяшчальныя з апошняй версіяй Miranda NG, таму выкарыстоўвайце іх з асцярогай.

    Націсніце тут для некаторых новых дадаткаў для Miranda NG

    MSP scripts (старонка 3/6)

    There are 112 addons in this category.

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    MSP Message Filter 1.0

    Спампавана 180× ад acky

    Simple message filter allows for automatic response or ignoring of incoming messages containing words or exact phrases defined in an external text file. Responses can defined by the user.

    xStatus for Last.fm 1.0

    Спампавана 192× ад Pyr0

    xStatus for Last.fm changes your custom status message to your recently played tracks Version 1.0 (20061010) (c) 2006 by Valentin Laube Released under the GPL Licence (http://www.gnu.org…

    Name day script

    Спампавана 184× ад e1ko_

    Alerts about name day For more information see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Name_day Features: - Shows pop up on every Miranda start up and at midnight - Warns you when one of your contacts…

    Message to Dbox-2 Version 0.0.5

    Спампавана 177× ад crowba

    This little script sends all incoming messages on to the DBox TV Screen


    Спампавана 171× ад acidstout

    This script is a modified version of the original script made by pe6o, which logs every access to your status message in the format "[%Date %Time] %Nickname read your %Status" and displays a popup.…

    xStatus for WinAmp 1.0

    Спампавана 193× ад Gumby

    automatically sets your xStatus in Miranda to the currently playing song in WinAmp :) 1. load the script in mBot (drag&drop it into mBot Console) 2. set your xStatus to "listening to music" and…

    xStatus for Foobar2000 1.0a

    Спампавана 190× ад Pyr0

    xStatus for Foobar2000 changes your custom status message to the currently playing track Version 1.0 (20061010) (c) 2006 by Valentin Laube Released under the GPL Licence (http://www.gnu.org…

    MBot/MSP Auto Set New Avatar

    Спампавана 165× ад souFrag

    This script will change your Avatar every X period of time. It will randomly select an avatar to set from a directory and its subdirectories. Formerly known as 'Auto Set "MSN" Avatar'..…

    mChat History Convertor (Beta)

    Спампавана 172× ад abarinov

    This mBot script allows you to export your mChat ICQ history stored in text files into Miranda IM database. To install the script just copy in into your mbot\scripts\autoload directory and restart…

    Advanced ICQ Info 0.1

    Спампавана 167× ад c4mb3ll

    First of all I wanna thank these buddies: Bio 4 answering my n'u-b questions ) eliTe 4 the last nick checking method AUR 4 the aimfight score getting method Krikun 4 the nice skin ) Faith…

    Ignore Contact 1.0.1

    Спампавана 176× ад madnut

    Ignore Contact 1.0 This script is based on MBot Ignore Contact 0.4 I have added and edited some functionality. This Script's main function is to ignore messages form selected users. An item…

    xStatus changer 0.04a

    Спампавана 183× ад Michi

    mBot script, which can change your xStatus

    SIM IM import all contacts 0.1b

    Спампавана 179× ад majestic

    This Mbot scipt upload all history files at once. To get it to work: - install mbot - put it in mbot autoload folder - optional: edit php to adjust encoding - main menu => mbot => import all…

    Winamp Music Title to MSN Nickname 1.0

    Спампавана 182× ад sersiztac

    this script updates MSN nickname after every 1 minute with a string including the song title playing on Winamp. if there is no song playing or Winamp is not running, nickname appears as you defined.…

    mBoxConfig v.0.4

    Спампавана 179× ад zlotook

    Config script for mBoxNew and mBoxSMS. It is more friendly in use then config.php script attached to these scripts. mBotSMS: http://www.miranda-im.org/download/details.php?action=viewfile&id…

    mBoxNew v.0.5

    Спампавана 167× ад zlotook

    Checks every 10 min multi-mBox-es for new messages. To configure mBox-es you can use config.php or more user friendly mBoxConfig script: http://www.miranda-im.org/download/details.php?action…

    IRC Colored HTML Log

    Спампавана 179× ад CriS-MAT

    Starting it is incompatible with prevouis versions. Logs will be stored to new files, after you'll install it. Now using mBot's WWW/logs/ directory & web access to logs. Do not delete old…

    MSP description copy script

    Спампавана 173× ад piopawlu

    It's a simple script that allows you to copy contact's away message to clipboard. Additionally when you hold down LEFT SHIFT key while invoking the script and the copied away message contains a valid…

    MBot Import ICQ history

    Спампавана 190× ад nowotny

    Import ICQ history - Mbot script by Nowotny v. It's a script for importing a history from original ICQ client. It can import: - exported text files from ICQ2003b Pro version - XML…

    FTP URL send 0.0.2

    Спампавана 168× ад hedstrom

    This script is for all of you who have a ftp server on your computer and want to send links of files to different users. When you select a local file on your computer the script will convert it to an…

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