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  • WARNING! This is temporary listing of addons from Miranda IM.
    These addons might be incompatible with recent version of Miranda NG so use them with caution.

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    Archived (старонка 6/6)

    There are 117 addons in this category.

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    Downloaded 157× by xsak

    The Hungarian translation of Miranda v0.1.2.1

    Czech (Miranda 0.9

    Downloaded 154× by Ge0rge

    Czech language pack for Miranda with support for: History+ 2.1, Birthday reminder, Hotkey control, Nosound, Atomic, Conversation Style Plugin Interface 0.998


    Downloaded 161× by strickz

    Provides support for context-sensitive help in all of Miranda's dialog boxes. Right click, press F1 or use the ? button in the title bar. NB: Help is still being written, there may be gaps. …

    Sample Language Pack 1.3

    Downloaded 156× by cyreve

    A sample language pack to base yours on, with documentation on how to translate Miranda

    MSN Protocol

    Downloaded 160× by cyreve

    Communicate with users of the MSN Messenger protocol. Development of this plugin is available for adoption, any interested C coders in the audience please see the readme.

    Lithuanian 1.0

    Downloaded 162× by dkostas

    Miranda aplinkos sulietuvinimas. Naudojimas: Nukopijuoti faila langpack_lt.txt i kataloga kuriame yra failas Miranda32.exe.

    Traditional Chinese

    Downloaded 200× by cml

    This is Traditional Chinese Language Miranda ICQ setup file, you can in the file double click then setup and you will simple use it ...(not need download english version)


    Downloaded 153× by figbug

    A great plugin to block spam. Blocks urls and messages based on some preset keywords.

    Hebrew 2.2

    Downloaded 171× by Netstorm

    Hebrew Language Pack for Miranda ICQ + Plugins: Conversation Style Plugin Interface, Talk 2 Plugin, History+ 2.0 Translation

    icqlib Protocol

    Downloaded 154× by cyreve

    Editor's note: This release has been superseded by IcqOscarJ Protocol You are recommended to use this new release instead.Old ICQ protocol, for archaeological purposes only. Not recommended…

    Chinese 0.98

    Downloaded 150× by zolawang

    Traditional Chinese Language Pack Made in Taiwan

    HongKong Colloquial 1.1

    Downloaded 168× by leies

    It's for Hongkong Spoken Language Language Pack, i'm using it now

    Traditional Chinese (Big5) 1.0

    Downloaded 157× by leies

    Traditional Chinese (Big5)

    Spanish 1.00

    Downloaded 153× by nitrog3n

    Pack de Traducci�n al espa�ol de este maravilloso cliente de ICQ. Para la versi�n

    Italian 0.1

    Downloaded 157× by aenigma

    Italian Language Pack.

    Brazilian Portuguese 4.1

    Downloaded 163× by wassermam

    Portuguese Brazilian Language Pack. Pacote de linguagem portugu�s do Brasil.

    Dutch 1.0

    Downloaded 161× by nschoot

    Dutch (Nederlands) language Pack for Miranda 1.0 and higher. Contains all translated messages.

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