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  • WARNING! This is temporary listing of addons from Miranda IM.
    These addons might be incompatible with recent version of Miranda NG so use them with caution.

    Click here for some new addons for Miranda NG


    There are 8 addons in this category.

    Fluida 1.0

    Downloaded 177× by sucipto

    just Paste It to your computer (currently support http://update-seputar-software.blogspot.com and http://flashfisika.blogspot.com/) and then sends a link to your contact. This allows you to send the…

    Miranda IM Plugin Developer Guide

    Downloaded 176× by perf

    Very basic documentation for developing plugin modules for Miranda IM.

    New Hebrew Guide 0.3a

    Downloaded 195× by MoRaNo0sH

    New guide for Miranda IM in hebrew with good explanation and pictures.

    Hebrew New Users Guide 0.1

    Downloaded 181× by Yaron

    This is the Hebrew translation to TheContact's document: http://leamonde.net/mim_noob/mimnoob.html (I would have published it somewhere else if I had a good and fast webserver to publish it…

    Miranda Hebrew Settings 0.2

    Downloaded 179× by Yaron

    This document may help some confused Hebrew users with some of their Hebrew display problems in Miranda IM

    Polish Miranda FAQ 2003.10.28

    Downloaded 177× by DJ_Lotos

    Znajdziesz tutaj odpowiedzi na najczesciej zadawane pytania zwiazane z Miranda IM Autorzy: andre, DJ Lotos, karaguy, kfiadeg, Nazir, OnO (wiecej o autorach na http://miranda.kom.pl/memberlist…

    How to make a pseudo skin 1.0

    Downloaded 178× by Bumper1

    A document explaining how to use toptoolbar plugin and some cheating to make a skin like effect for Miranda.To be used to help you make your own skin.

    Chinese XP Howto 1.0

    Downloaded 179× by insaNity

    A brief tutorial describing Windows XP configuration for displaying Chinese fonts in most applications. You may be able to adapt it to your OS and language. I am not the author of this. If…