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  • Увага! Гэта часовы cпіс дадаткаў ад Miranda IM.
    Гэтыя дададкі могуць быць несумяшчальныя з апошняй версіяй Miranda NG, таму выкарыстоўвайце іх з асцярогай.

    Націсніце тут для некаторых новых дадаткаў для Miranda NG

    Development kits

    There are 7 addons in this category.

    Connexion Helper 2008.1

    Спампавана 615× ад PP

    This is actually a template plugin that wraps some tricky work with messaging services of Miranda IM, and thus it can be used to create interactive plug-ins such as for games or the like purposes.…

    Plugin Wizard for vs2005 2

    Спампавана 638× ад sje

    This project template for Visual Studio will do the work of setting up a Miranda plugin project for you, with no coding required. It gives you the choice of whether to include an empty options page,…

    WTL and MirandaIM

    Спампавана 638× ад Necrolatry

    plugin that describes how to use WTL classes in writing Miranda-IM plugins. I am not the follower of WTL, MFC; and high level programming ;) But when there is a need to organize huge amout of code …

    masm32 plugin template

    Спампавана 632× ад Necrolatry

    Example that illustrates use of assembler (masm32) in writing plugins for Miranda-IM.

    FASM plugin template

    Спампавана 676× ад Miro

    Miranda IM plugin template written on flat assembler (FASM, http://flatassembler.net/)

    Icon Set DLL HowTo 2.0

    Спампавана 662× ад InvisiBill

    An update of deepcut's tutorial (http://miranda-im.org/download/details.php?action=viewfile&id=368), this will guide you through creating an icon set DLL of your own icons using Dev-C++.

    lorgs icon dev kit

    Спампавана 648× ад lorg

    not an icon collection for your viewing pleasure but perhaps a helpful tool in developing your own icon collection. but then some peoples taste is pretty wacky so who knows. [there is no…